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Steve Garufi
Me on the summit Opal Hill in Fruita ... wearing sandals with black socks! :o)

My name is Steve Garufi, a resident of Colorado for 15 years. For years, I have run www.coloradoguy.com, a popular website that documents my hikes, bike rides and adventures throughout the state. When I lived in Buena Vista from 2005-2012, I photographed Mount Princeton, a lofty 14er, from different angles on a regular basis on www.mtprinceton.org.

In October 2012, I moved to Fruita and this photo journal has became my outlet to promote Fruita and include photos of this region known as the Grand Valley. Thanks for reading!

If you want to send me a note or stay connected, my social media links are: Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - YouTube

All the best, Steve :)

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